Product dev based on Microsoft Embedded Windows….

Windows Embedded

Over the years, Microsoft has picked-up lot of bundled systems in same OS module, which can come with default builds for each of the specialized system.
In this article, we will see how to select the device type and operating system for your developmental needs.
This article assumes you have enough embedded knowledge on Microsoft Operations Systems.

OS Versions 

The following list has different “OS” versions Microsoft has developed ( link)
  • Windows Embedded 8
  • Compact (formerly CE)
  • Standard (formerly XPe)
  • POSReady (formerly WEPOS)
  • Device Manager
  • Enterprise
  • Automotive
  • Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Thin Client
  • Handheld

1. Device Type /Selection for your product development

You can select device you are interested to build

If you select ATM , you will see following

If you select “Medical Device”,

1.It will give choices as follows:. 
2. Also this will suggested OS and suggested processors.  
3. Here you have decide the processor /Desktop system to build your device

2. Choose the “microsoft operating system” as per above screen shots

3. Select the microprocessor or PC configuration based on you needs 

4. Look for reference board to suit the application and above selection mechanism.Spark Kit

5. Ideally all #1 ==> #4 are carefully selected based on the device requirement.

6. You have download or get tools/software for development based on your needs

6.a Operating system developers needs 

  • Platform Builder (OS developers use Platform Builder to create Compact 7 board support packages (BSPs), device ROM images, and software development kits (SDKs) for devices based on those ROM images.)
  • a Visual Studio 2008 plug-in: which provides embedded-specific support in the familiar Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). 

6.b Application developers needs

  • Visual Studio 2008 
  • and a Compact 7 device-specific SDK to write end-user, line-of-business applications for their device.

7. You need to write software and and download on the reference board. 

8. After the development is successful, you can move the code to to your final product. 

Hope I have not confused you. Please feel free to comment and ask 


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