How to Ace your interview?

Job Interview tips 

After successful resume posting and HR/recruiter communication, when the interview is arranged either face-2-face or telephonic follow few ground lines.

1. In any case of face-2-face, or telephonic round, be ready and alert. Switch of mobile if you are on face-2-face round. 
2. If it is telephonic , be at quite place to receive a call. With a resume and key points in the note pad/

3. Research well about the firm.

4. Phone a friend or do some reading on web/ sites to see the interview patterns
5. Prepare questions/answers, based on the Job description.

6. If is face-2-face, prepare your documents (extra resumes, references, Academic qualifications  and articles you have published.

7. Prepare well, and rehearse the interview. If it is technical/coding/testing job, be prepared for relevant FAQs in websites/books.

6. Dress properly, and ask your friends what to wear or research

7. Prepare for presentation

8. After interview send a “Thank you note”

Please feedback, how you liked it . As always your feedback will help.


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