Windows 8, Windows RT , Windows RT- Surafce- Microsoft Operating System

Windows 8  VS Windows RT 

Microsoft versions and naming confuses, and challenging from the day-one. 

This may be due to many departments and verticals , as I understood earlier (while working in USA start-ups and downs)

Windows 8 

Let us discuss on the subject of this topic.

Windows 8 Start Screen.pngSony’s Vaio Tap 20 is a Windows 8 touchscreen tablet/desktop hybrid for the whole family (review)
  • Windows 8 is next version of windows 7 .
  •  It uses version 6.2 of windows NT kernel
  • Windows 8 uses “touch user interface”, so suitable to “tablet versions like IoS, Android
  • Special version of windows 8 pro is “Surface Pro”

Windows RT

Windows RT is pre-loaded ARM processor version. OEMs edition, unlike Windows 8. While Windows 8 is Intel versionAcer-delays-windows-rt-tablets-wants-to-see-surface-reaction-first-1775aa0fb5

Windows RT is for tablets like windows 8. windows RT is build by various manufacturers.  Unlike Windows 8, Windows RT does not have backward compatibility with earlier OS’s of Windows.

Special version of Windows RT /Windows 8 Pro is “Surface RT”/Surface Pro. This is exclusively build by Microsoft.

Hope this give clarity on versions. Watch this space for more on Surface and architecture differences between them .


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