Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

In modern day, with varied developmental techniques and agile developmental models the costs for development is getting increased due to un availability

  • Developmental Models: SOA, BPM , cloud , Saas Applications
  • Methodology of delivery:  Agile


In Testing./Developmental  Issues:

  • How do we develop/test a service/ feature, when that particular model is not available? 
    • For example A, B, C are components of the system
    • Without delivering A/B/C,  we can not test whole feature . 
    • If A is cloud based and B and C are components. Without cloud we can not do testing of B and C “components are applications.

Infrastructure issues

  • You have developed a order management system for selling “Mobile Phone” via internet. Now you have realized the particular network is not available to test, in ideal world you would need simulators or infra to test

Complex SOA framework

  • In order to test or develop , you need to lot interdependent components and frameworks to test.
This is further two articles SOA-0SOA-1, SOA-2, SOA Testing articles 


Buy or build or rent “service  Virtualization frame works” to have  integrated environment (for development and testing as well)

Jason English page

CA LISA Services Virtualization

CA LISA Services Virtualization

Figure 3. Service virtualization


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