What is your Career Path?

Career Path

In earlier I have few two articles  which are closely related one-way or another

1. Coming out of Recession Blues 🙂
2. Job/career planning
3. Re-allocating from elsewhere to onsite/offshore location

What is your Career Path?

  • As Infosys czar “N.R. Narayana Murthy” mentioned “LOVE YOUR JOB BUT NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMPANY”

  • Be attentive on your career path,  no one would be able direct/change.
  • Your destination is  your key. 
  • If current job isn’t taking the path you wanted then find alternative path. (It doesn’t mean you have to quit  the job,  use your spare time on the activity you like). 
  • If your desire is to be “solution designer” or architecture , work on the path. Ask your manager/colleague/senior , who can guide you. 
  • Spend money on books/training, it would help you succeed.
  • Find Activity or something which cam help to reach your goal. Be it a networking activities or course or some clubs , which will steer your path.

Hope you agree with me. Please feedback 


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