Telugu – South Indian Language

Andhra’s pride

The more you write/talk about the Hyderabad,  the less you have written/spoken.  Hyderabad is state capitol; Telugu is main spoken language 

India’s map and Andhra State

Telugu Language 

 Telugu the Italian of the East[3]. As of 2005 70 million people all over world) speak this language [4]. / Also telugu is 3rd largest Indian languages spoken in India (1. Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.11. 7.9 % Telugu)

In Telugu local script దేశ భాష లందు తెలుగు లెస్స (“Among the nation’s languages, Telugu is the best/sweetest)- according to Sri Krishna Devaraya (The Vijayanagara period (1336-1565 A.D.))

Srikrishna Devaraya

From mother’s milk to the cradle
the song mother sang in this language
like honey in taste and to hear
of all languages telugu is the best

the sugary syrup of the Sanskrit language
the nectar of the tamil language
and the clarity of kannada in telugu
the product of thousands of learned men
the language that has made its mark in different countries
My language, that florished for thousands of years
Of all languages telugu is the best

Telugu language’s birth

Dravidian subgroups.png
Dravidian Language derivatives 

Telugu is based on Dravdian languge. Also Telugu is borrowed “from Sanskrit” . Telugu dates back to 6th BC

Telugu Script


2. Telugu-vara-mandi (we are telugu people)
3. Telugu is  Italian of the east
4. Telugu Lanaguge
5. Top 30 lanaguges of the world
6. List of Langauges


2 thoughts on “Telugu – South Indian Language

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