Rise of Indian IT firms (start-ups)

Indian IT firms 

Just five percent of thousands of Indian startups get funds from sources external to friends and family, analysts say.

It is tough to build start-up’s in India according to Quora and USA analysts group 


Visual PaaS | Platform as a Service Provider | OrangeScape
Chennai based OrangeScape is cloud solution provider 

Orangescape is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company from India that facilitates business application development. Orangescape is essentially a production environment that allows domain experts to convert their ideas into business applications and take them to market

Cloud Solutions for Lotus Notes Migration - OrangeScape fitment
Cloud Solutions for Lotus Notes Migration – OrangeScape fitment

Architecture of OrangeScape

For mode details see OrangeScape blog

Dhurva (InSynch Software)

inSync backup is designed to protect today’s enterprise mobile workforce and endpoints. Protecting a wide range of content on a large set of endpoints including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, inSync delivers the highest productivity gains for IT and yet offers the most non-intrusive and empowering end user experience.



Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud based telephony service provider company based Gurgaon, India. It provides voice applications to small and medium enterprises.

It offers “Super receptionist” , FAX send and Receive, SMART SVR


“Sapience enhanced our productive hours and provided us with highly automated and 
accurate visibility at work. This enabled us to become competitive both in estimates and 
in meeting deadlines.”  – CEO

Sapience Analytics

Sapience – achieve major productivity gains for your enterprise – effortlessly!
Sapience is an innovative, patent-pending software solution that delivers significant work output gains from your existing team. It achieves this through automated work visibility at every level of the enterprise.

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