You have got just 30 secs to impress me

Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch is 30 secs [to 2 mins] sales/career pitch to future client/employer. 

Introduce the product/about you and features (best features) of the product
  • Like award winning life saving device used in major Europe hospitals 
  •  We have build product for major insurance provides and customer will get info with one-click
  • Developed cloud based automation tools , which reduced cost by 70 % and time of execution by 30%, with ROI in six months
  • My name is Joe, working with in marketing new products, and has achieved 50 million target in few months. And looking for opportunity in your award winning product line 
  • Basically you have summarize your experience, when you visit job forums, or meeting executive or on the way to interview conference room
    • I am with ___________________ (insert name of company you work for)
    • We work with _________________ (Insert X)
    • Who __________________ (insert Y)
    • We help them ___________ (insert Z)
    • So that _____________ (insert W)

BodyStyle Athletics TennisRAQ on MSNBC's Elevator Pitch

I have dream 

Martin Luther King Spech (1963), at Lincoln memorial has mesmerized 200,000 civil rights moments supporters
Kings spech revolutionized and captured many eyeballs

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