Nuts and bolts of agile delivery

A Thing of beauty is a joy for ever- John Keats

John Keats

Has worked many projects with water fall model and Agile model as-well.. Now will see in short what is agile/scrum. How do we achieve?

Water-fall model

  • Big upfront design and documentation
  • The product can see the light after completion of project and products
  • There are separate phases for  HLD , LLD , Design.
  • Over the period the above docs will change over time.
  • Customer on the floor or involved timely basis
  • Incremental delivery
  • Every release will produce “working software”
  • Each phase will have same kind of delivery phase. You can think spiral model. Add brick by brick to the monument.
  • Customer involved in various check points and mile stone movement
    • Customer approval required to move from one-stage to other
    • Customer acceptance required to do the final deployment

Agile VS Waterfall 

File:Agile Development Value Proposition Chart.jpg

Agile Development process

How do we get there with scrum?

Scrum Model

  Hope this short and sweet. As ever would wait for feedback and comments.


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