Home coming {for ever}

Returning to Native land

After staying in one place for long, decision to move back to native-place (in same country or different country) is challenging task.

The first and foremost thing is buy-in from immediate family (wife/husband, kids, other dependents, other family)

The second one is from your employer, still if you want move from current employer only.

It may also long term planning that will your movement at certain date. Like a home in current place/property/other assets/other responsibilities. Like renting a home/renting car/other equipment, for easy disposal.

Some of key elements or activities to  be performed as follows:
1. Finding out profession in native place


  • Finding same job transfer
  • Setting up new venture
  • Finding new firm
  • Changing the job line 
    • Engineer to “social worker”
    • Doctor to “business person”
    • Retirement

2. Finding out a nearest home town to move

  • My friend , when he moved back, he co-founded one firm at his native place
  • One of known person got into agriculture

3. Clearing the dues and settlement of properties/house hold stuff
4. Finding out movers and packers for native place

Some the ideas mentioned are based on personal experience. Hope you like this.


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