Posting blogger to tumblr

Blogger to Tumblr

After good amount of search , found a tool to use it. 
Blogger Feed URL
Tumblr blog URL

Here this will copy everything in blogger.  If you you have already have contents,  then you csn use massEditor feature in tumblr.

Even though this one says moving instead of copying.  It wouldn’t delete contents.  Just in case if you’re worried save the blogger on in xml formats.

Blogger has feature of exports option

Following I haven’t tried but you can explore.

  1. Update Tumblr Automatically from WordPress
    If you own a self hosted version of WordPress and want to update Tumblr automatically, then this WordPress to Tumblr plugin is the solution.
    It allows you to:
    • Sync your WordPress Posts with your Tumblr posts, any modification you make to WordPress will take effect in your Tumblelog
    • If you publish a post on WordPress, the same post will be published on Tumblr.
    • More features suchs as Group Tumblr Accounts.


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