You want to stay in Technical ladder?

Who is Technical Leader:

As per Wikipedia :A lead programmer is a software engineer in charge of one or more software projects.

Alternative titles include ( this designation and  role varies depending on organization/culture)

  • Development Lead, 
  • Technical Lead, 
  • Senior Software Engineer, 
  • Software Design Engineer Lead (SDE Lead)
  • Software Manager
  • Senior Applications Developer. 

When primarily contributing in a high-level enterprise software design role, the title Software Architect (or similar) is often used. All of these titles can have different meanings depending on the context.

There is no hard and fast rule. They are self initiated or trained by a firm.

Training by firm:

Company identifies the  steps to perform on  order to mould s person?, if it is lateral ot newbie.

Some firms will take interns and develop core skills to suit the job.  Also constant movement of jobs and motivate individuals.

Self Training

In this case individual to take up challenge and carry forward his ambitions.

Job change or project change (if are allowed at free willing like Internet firms) will be base on his or her need.

How do we get there?

1. Under stand the code

2. Understand process
3. Understand the rules
4. Be with the team, and can be able to take-up the role?

How people get there?

1. Some people by choice
2. Some people by promotion

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