How to not fail in start-up?

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.”
– Peter Drucker

There were several articles written on the same subject
1. Rise of Indian start-ups
2. Top ten reasons to work in start-up

3. Lean Start-up
4. Quora Start-up tools 

Few tips on what to work on a start-up

1. Have a small write up of “what to be expected” in the venture or product.
2. Find passive customers, who will buy in future
3. Read “Eric Ries” lean start-up book
4. Have a small team (in home-office) part-time or full time
5. Entry plan
6. Exit Plan (MUST)
7. Bankrupt/Chapter -11 /Wind-off plan (every one should be part of this). Think if it fails, how much money you still need to pay on rents, agents, employees
8. Expect the unexpected
9. Keep small burn rate (buy your own coffee/lunch)
10. Understand, how funding will be available?
11. Build minimal viable product
12. Do-not expect to beat top firms with your start-up. 
13. See if you can use rented space or shared business facilities or home-office
14.You web site may not even see 100 hits per-day 🙂 

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