Telangana – South India’s conflict

What is Telangana actually:

Erstwhile rules of Nizam government gave the name (to the part of) land in Andhra as Telangana

Chronological Events

Year :1950

Famous movement lead by Communist parties in India is “Vishalandra ” (Larger Andhra). Tho motive is to have states based on the common language (In Andhra’s case it is Telugu)

Year: 1952

When Potti Sriramulu fasted to his death in 1952, demanding a state for Telugu speakers, he set the groundwork for dividing India on linguistic lines.

Year: 1953

This movement helped in creating “Andhra Pradesh in 1953 (Oct 1st)

Year: 1956

Gentle Man’s agreement was created to share the power between Andhara and Telangana regions. Later it was not implemented, due to political regions.

Year: 1969
“Jai Andhra” (for united Andhra) was started Chenna Reddy was part of it. 

After some deliberation, he changed his stand and joined Telangana Praja Samithi.

Marri Chenna Reddy was main strong leader for the movement.
started a “(Outfit for Telnagana people) this is also called as Jai Telangana movement. 

Main agenda is to get more jobs for telangana people and implementation of “gentleman’s agreement (between telangana and Andhra leaders). And non utilization of excess money for telangana development.

Year: 1971

In lokha shabha (Union Cabinet)  elections TPS won 11 out of 13 seats .  

Year: 1972

In Local (State) elections , TPS is merged with congress (after Indira Gandhi offered Chenna Reddy a cabinet post in central government)

Chennareddy did this for his political gains, and Telagana people got betrayed. First time this was failure for Telangana people.

TPS summoned Chennareddy that he betrayed. And the different party was floated, by TPS memebers, it could not sustain for long.

PV Narshima Rao became Chief Minster of Andhra Pradesh . Later he became Prime Minister (after many years)

Year: 2001

“Telangan Rajya Samithi” formed by “K Chandra Sekhara Rao” started the movement. 


Professor Jayashankar, is often mentioned as the brains behind the separatist movement. He wrote a paper titled “Telangana Movement:

Prof K Jaya Shanker.jpg
Prof Jayashanker 

Year 2009

Home Minister Chaidambaram announced the state will be split into two parts ( Telanagana and Andhra)

July 2013
Congress is working on announcing state division, not sure what will happen this time.

Final Word

I tried to capture some of the facts, but there may errors due to limited knowledge in this area



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