Except the unexpected

When you plan something, work in back-wards. Always plan for the worst case and best-case

  • When you help some one, do not expect any favours , some times “not even thank you note”
    • There is one “south Indian movie “Stalin” has message on help
      • He has just one request of people he’s helped – that they pass the favour forward. They should in return help 3 others, and ask those 3 to help 3 others
  • When you do some work, work as if you don’t get any return. Otherwise you will be hurt. 
  • Any plan should also take care of “what if it fails”?
    • Setting up a new office , plan for worst case preparation.  How do wind-off, if some thing fails?
    • Have “Plan B”, how do we convert existing work’s profitability 

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