Development + Operations = DevOps

In the beginning

There were “Agile Development” principles to help people to build better products (walking away from Waterfall)


Issues with Agile or scope of Agile

In Agile world there are two camps or teams 
  • Development team: Application development purpose.
  • Operations ( System Admin/ Application Support /Infrastructure/DBA) : After development/configuration /DBA roles


Usually above roles are kept as two separate groups. Development team involve is “Agile development” . 
Operations were not involved in this process. 
If you see below picture the “Agile Development” is until build Cycle. 
In this process, continuous deployment happens. 
But how ever any changes in Database/Infrastructure/Administration, activity will not go hand-in-hand with continuous deployment.

Development VS Operations

Enter DevOps



DevOps replaces opposition with cooperation.
DevOps promotes single unit, responsible for operations and development. This eliminates silos in the product developments


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