How flickr deploy 10 builds a day?

Before even we go through the process of achieving in Flickr, we to back step on problems in product development.

How to avoid bulky business process:
1. In product development stage, reduce through number of process steps
2. Have short description what you want acchive.
3. Use “lean canvas” to document

How to not hit on product development stage?
1. Work on the proof of concept, just like housing model
2.Demo it to stakeholders
3. Get a buy-in from all
4. Get on product development

Avoiding pitfalls of waterfall
1. Have a incremental delivery
2.plan agile

Use new paradigm DevOps
1.  Clubbing development, operations, infrastructure in agile framework
2. Creating single build, one strap, zero touch development

Creating one team with copearation
1.Eliminating middle men, silo’s .
2.Eliminating political teams
3.Everyone works for same process


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