Blind Man – Global Delivery Model (Elephant?)

Global Delivery Model:

This is extensively used by IT service firms to show case their customer support (SDLC or Agile or others support)

Few thing, which firms will mention this to show-case
1. Global Presence
2. Reduced Cost benefits to clients (due to onshore/offshore/offsite models)
3. N degrees of support to the client (as teams are located in different parts-of the globe)
4. Distributed and multi-talented people /process/tools

Fig1: Blind man and Elephant

Several companies define in different way, that’s what , I wrote this article. 

Everyone perception is different .

Cognizance’s Remote Infrastructure model

Remote Infrastructure Management framework

XXXLed Global Delivery Model 

A small team working at the customer onsite to understand their need and then in turn work with their offshore counterpart in Pune India to develop a robust solution. The onshore team will work with the customer to identify requirements and then work on a solution. The offshore team will convert the requirement into a deliverable product that will be handed to the onshore team. The onshore team will then implement the solution at the customer site, and then participate in ongoing maintenance & enhancements if needed.
 XXLED model

Trigent Global Delivery Model 

provides “follow the sun” advantage to its customers. This delivery model allows you to focus on your core competencies; while we manage the technology operations with the help of an international team. 
Global Delivery Model
Trigent GDC

Benefits of GDM Graph
Global Delivery Model
Netpeach Delivery Model 

Tail Piece

V Srinivasa Rao’s Article (VSR)



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