Managing people

Leading by example

Leading is a more action than  position. 

Leadership is not about task closures. 

  • Leadership about caring people, treating people with respect
  • Understanding the goal of the organization and aligning them
  • Motivating people and moving people around, so that teams get great exposure in all the related areas.
  • Utilizing people, based on their experience

Line starts, where ever leader stands 

We are in canteen discussing about some one, suddenly one of the senior leader came
  • People started surrounding this person.
  • He was knowing names of every person, who was there
In above scenario, if you were to go into this position, we would need to align ourselves to to get this kind of treatment.
Walking with tallest leaders, will help career to grow. And would get you respect. Fortunately, I have worked of leaders , who were taller than “mount Everest”
If you are reading my blogs have mentioned the same in following blogs

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