"Execution" is not a four letter word

Execution is more on how you manage, one state of the task to other in-terms of physics.

What is execution?

  • Concept to completion
  • It maybe a small project to bigger programs
  • Closure of long sending tasks
  • Start of major project  like rural irrigation, division of state capital  (read Telangana,  south India’s conflict)
  • Merger two firms
  • Closure and consolidation of companies after merger process
  • Transforming one companies to another

Main elements of Execution

  • Visionaries to plan and execution
  • Strong buy-in from stakeholders
  • Continuous motivation within key executors.
  • Stakeholders or organization to support
  • Need dedicated persons holding key portfolios
  • It takes more than 9 to 5  job. 
  • Great leaders to support the activities

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