Rome is not built in a day

As you might have already guessed this not about Rome and about in construction work.

All the stakeholders should plan in following list of things (it may not be in order thought)

  • How things move/execute ?
  • How products take shape?
  • How leaders motivate and lead?
  • How dedication can be build in a team?
    • Some of the following are random thoughts in building high performance teams.
      1. Manage the team, but not their work
      2. Assign, review, feedback just like “one minute manager” book
      3. Have a constant touch with the team, prioritize, help, support team
      4. Have good year beginning goals set, and understand their problems , issues
      5. Make team which can independently take decision(s)
      6. Always keep you team ready to take higher challenges
      7. Think beyond the project, program
  • Top-down, bottom-up approach are what ever appropriate to close the tasks at hand.
  • Agile, Waterfall, Rational Unified process others in reaching the end goal.
  • How do you shape your firm or ground or organization?
  • How do you salespeople or ground-people connect to top management?
  • How the top managements thoughts reach the ground-staff or entire organization?
  • How to connect-dots across the organization to acchive wider revenue?
  • How to build organization like amazon, Facebook, Google and cash-cow’s by using the existing organization potential?
  • How to utilize existing resources to meets sales targets and building a positive culture?
  • How do get a same dash-board of events or work progress?.The data reporting without any filters. It does not matter, who benefits or not.
  • Management main motto should be “managing people”. A motivated employees cantake organization to highest level.
  • Management main task is to reward or help teams.
  • Management to build second level. And keep the teams move across (horizontally or vertically)
  • Leaders to create succession plan, disaster recovery plan’s at all times. This help organization with strong basement like multi-storied building.
  • Vision, mission and organization is building is main task of senior management .Also they should build team who can execute. Day-today micro-management 

Hope you liked this. Please comment on this


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