Employee contribution is key

In economy downtrend and up-time it is essential to have continuous motivation to work on tasks at hand.

1. This will in-turn help the firm to achieve the targets

2. Keeping current management trust as is, very-much essential
3. Keeping your co-workers well-being at all times.

4.  When the management would not co-operate due to various reasons, it is essential to keep a tasks group which will help co-workers and teams .

  • These focus groups either with or without manger buy-in should be  carried out.

  • Abandoned project can be re-worked to showcase the employees talent . There are some project, worked in various firms helped the firms in generating major revenues 
  • Employees focus (sleeper cells) groups, which will act as helping groups.People can get-together for betterment of everyone.
5. Connectivity among the employees for common goals will help everyone for betterment.

6. Motivated employees will back-bone for the firm . This will help growth company as well industry.

7. It so happen, we would need almost piece-of-mind to justify the role.Keeping customers happy is  essential to the company as whole.

8. As mentioned in earlier blogs keeping activity, so that you will avoid issues at work and elsewhere
Picking up social cause, music, dancing, enrolling into new training working on .

9. Utilize company time during bench time and during non peak timings would help personally and also professionally.

  • Google’s 20 percent times produced great products like Google news, Orkute and so on.
  • During testing or development projects some there will be non-peak times. That can be efficiently utilized.
10. Cordial relationship and coworker well-being helps everyone

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