How do we win friends ….

Every journey leads us to some destination. Had nice discussion with one of co-worker in travel. This is about team, friendship, organization.

  • What ever lessons you have learned ( what ever you observed from seniors, juniors and colleagues) you would start implement.
  • You have filter-out bad things, some one us done to you/team
  • You have select good things, some one has done to you/team
  • Believe in building relationships, which are useful you/friends and every one
  • Looking at how we can finish the tasks at-hand, helping team and co-worker will help in long run
  • In a organization there are always good/bad. Journey should progress. Adding value to your work. Learn while you work
  • Everyone has their own way of doing things, and no-one is perfect

There is nice poem, stopping by woods 🙂

Please comment, how you liked this?

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