ITIL, Prince -2, Agile , Scrum

Over the years, I have covered only Agile and scrum in this blog.

This article will have few more recipes (ITIL, Prince 2). I am happy to find some links and material , which helped me to “connect dots” between all đŸ™‚
ITIL : (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

ITIL is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.


ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks and check-lists that are not organization-specific, used by an organization for establishing integration with the organization’s strategy, delivering value and maintaining a minimum level of competency.

It allows the organization to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement and measure. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.

A service is something that provides value to customers. Services that customers can directly utilize or consume are known as business services.

ITIL is organized around a service lifecycle which includes following

  • service strategy
  • service design
  • service transition
  • service operation
  • continual service improvement.
ITIL, Agile, Scrum, Prince 2
The following pictures shows combination of ITIL, Agile, Scrum, Prince 2 [ref 2]

  •  The following block is “Prince 2 framework”
  • ITIL “circle’s” “Continual Process Improvement” produce a “Business case”.
  • Here “Business Case” need to be approved in the along with other required “stage” activities as prince -2
  • This approved  “Business Case” will be input to start in the “pre- project” phase of the “Prince 2”
  • “Service Design ” ITIL process will help in “Prince 2 ” “project  initiation”
  • Service Design will help in creating the best/required design to have architecture of the system. System design will also instrumental in “team” and development activities.
  • “Prince 2 ” suggests many phase ( 2 or more ) to develope the “final product”
  • “Prince 2” suggest have working product, in every release . So the “SCRUM” will be used for agile development
  • “Service Transition” various blocks will be used in “controlling stage” of the Prince 2.
  • “Service Operation” will bes used in “final delivery stage” of “control stage”


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