Journey towards Agile/Agility

This blog is more of agile journey. Guess, need to rename this as Agile blog:)

Over the years have worked on many product firms. Product development is predominantly on following

  • Proto-type based or proof-of-concept: The if and buts or trial and error method of product hardware and software.
  • Code and fix methodology : The inial code-base is pre-historic. And every other intern puts there hands. The original intended code was already vaporized. No one knows, why the code still works.
  • OOPS Code : So-called inherited, polymorphic and confusion between base class and virtual inherited code.  Developer never under-stood what to do? . System crashs if you put extra Int statement.   God bless the developer and the firm.
  • VxD and MDD days : windows 9x days. Virtually anything models. Transition from 3 to 9x days. Did I say microsoft tried and pushed everything on the users ( alpha , beta testers)
If waterfall is long-wait delivery model, and you pray enough to all gods atleast final delivered product would match one line of statement-of-work  (SOW). 
Not that I am complely against, customers see the stuff,  at the time of delivery. Customers felt unhappy as the product is way out-of-league. 
During one of the instrument ( test and mesurements) code development the instrument was on-site, and overnight we used to run tests from India, we have to wait until client is back to reboot the device. 
Agile journey : 
  • Rather than long waits to see light, we would rather identity the mechanism to to developer a product (did I say testable and working product). 
  • Small incremental delivery  with timeboxed journey, like car production environment. Some thing like lean (Japanese car manufacturing ) development.
  • The mix of agile and prince 2/scrum is will be best fitment  the nice product development.
  • As project prince 2, framework every stage should produce a testable product.
  • Prince 2 can be used for the project framework. Scrum for incremental agile deliveries
How do we reach you there?
  • Plan for stakeholders and business buy-in.
  • Start with small
  • Have review of the project, then kick start training on agile. Discuss how u can come up with agile journey
  • Involve entire team along with senior management in this training and discussion.
  • Break the waterfall mindset
  • Hire a agile team and program management team to run through entire journey. 
  • Have few iterations
  • Stop and review, how it went well or failed?
  • Rework the plan to progress further
Hop you understood the agile journey?


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