Blogging tips

As you might know blogging is serious addiction. I have written more than 192  plus articles/blogs.
When I started, was never hoping to write /continue journey on blogging (like this).
Few tips/:
1. You need to have dedicated time to write also, as well as motivation.
2. Also need someone motivate to write? My constant motivation is my friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers and surroundings.
3. You need to write or scribble somewhere and you can use to develop the story around or edit
4. Need to have right blogging site to write. In my case I like Google blogger to write and save if it is not progressing. And use it for further editing. I always have 20% blogs in backlog/draft mode. 10% are pending for last two years
5. Need two/three different blogging sites, as redundancy. Also different blog forums will have different set of audience.
6.You would need to learn/un learn to write something, may not be from book. This also might be suggestion from any-one /failure due to something you have done/plus point in your career or personal life.
7. When you pick up something, you have to write.
8. Think what new blogs to write.
9. unlike other bloggers, I wouldn’t stick to one particular topic (technical/non technical/projects /general topics). If you refer my top blogs they are from different subjects/streams
10. Learn and familiarize blog platform.

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