You will never get answer

Many years ago (may be now also), when you visit USA(if you are indian), you would get following queries from Americans (no offense to any one, living or dead)
  • How do you take care of elephants in backyard?
  • Do you have phones in India?
  • Do you still use bullock carts for transportation?
These questions are either manufactured or due to perception of India due to media or moviemaking business.  Western media show’s Indian suburbs than tier1 cities.
All these will not have answers, even you have you will not say anything.
When you do not get answer it implies following.
  • Either question is not clear?
  • People might have got offensive, by your queries
  • They do not have answer.
  • They don’t want to say anything?
  • Or you have asked them many times.
  • Or you are not right person to answer
Do you agree?


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