Journey of Waterfall to Agile


The journey towards transformation of methodologies 

As mentioned in all or most of articles, transition is must from one software methodology to other would mean lot of support from top management’s strategy, vision and dedication towards this.

This is one figure, which shows bird’s eye-view of methodologies, where fashion, compassion of transformation should take place.

How do we acchive the transition?

  • Company Goals, Mission to be aligned to transform, rather than part of the firm. Can not have mix of all in (water fall, agile  and all)
  • The management buy-in to transform
  • Long wait product delivery mind set to be moved to short-term product deliveries
  • Motivate and train the resources
  • Had good planning and roadmap
  • You can  not do piece-by-piece
  • All your energy should go in to use this.
  • The big-upfront design and development can be viewed as short sprints of delivery
  • All the department’s to be  aligned
  • Visualization of this has  car manufacturing process.


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