Having power and using it too!

As they say position and power of person and organization keeps moving on.

  • Utilization of power and position for good use.
  • As they say the path, which you or organization used reach heights, is the same path when you return.
  • In Telugu they say ” poolammina chote kattallmmali”  (the place you have become famous, will see your downfall)
  • Keep your contacts happy, keep your second line ready .
  • Treate your family, co-worker, management happy and approachable.
  • May be you are vice-president in a firm today, when you go out for any job inteview, reference in current company can help. Even juniors engineer’s bad feedback my spoil your future offers. 
  • Dignity of labour and openness in organization will help.
  • Watching one person’s down fall and learning from that mistake will help to succeed.  
  • There was a  bulldozer manager in one firm, people were afried to reach or meet.  Sooner after people stopped approaching  this person.
  • Approachable personality is required.
  • In India “government”, “policeman”, “political people lost confidence of the people.
  • People mangers are public servants need to guide and co-operate and benefit of the team or reportee.
  • Hope you agree with me

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