How do you arrive at job role?

As you might  have guessed it this article is based on day today observation of the software or any project.

What is project?: project is with defined deadlines and it would have defined end date also along other key things.

When the resource hired or taken in to a project,.we would need to identify or work on what role that individual will play.

Just for more clarity, let us suppose there is requirement of product/project “A”. This involves development of x, y, z modules and to be integrated into final product.

In this case study project,  we would need to arrive, what will be the key roles? .

Some of the points we need to brainstorm is as follows:

1. Does this product or project involves major change in the architecture? . If so we would need get full time or part time architecure person to do design of the “architecture document”. Role1 : architect

2. Does all this components or modules can be developed by single person and this person all skills and the efforts are very less.  Does all components needs special experience? . Does this person needs some guidance in technical prospective.  All this points will create a need of multiple team members.

3. Nature of work : This also defines the roles. Does this is purely bug fixing project or transition project or new development or life changing project?

4. What model we follow here?  : This also defines what frame work, we will use?. Is it “code and fix” or agile or waterfall.

5.Maturity of organisations in the process and rigid rules and guidelines.  Do we need a quality guy here?

6. What kind test process we are following? :TDD ( test during design) or unit testing and all.

7. Which core principles you are going to use : PRINCE2 or ITIL or something else.

So my dear friend,  fix up a plan and arrive at resources you need based on above and many more  parameters.


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