Tollywood movie review (Nenokkadine)

This is my first review after college days (will write later, on what I wrote earlier )

Prince Mahesh Babu’s most expensive movie, with “Chase” kind of movie, action packed thriller movie (Hollywood style movie) “Nenokkadine” ( I am only “one” or Number One”)

Kriti Sanon Photos

The movie’s director is Sukumar, he made a movie with high action packed revenge drama.

This is movie is about Gautam, who was forgotten his fast and can remember only people who killed his parents. He unwinds from bits and pieces as we progress through movie.

 Rock star:

From concert to revenge drama, takes us to action packed chase.


He kills his enemy, and after that he surrenders to Police (“Cops”) .

One more twist happens, as this is captured (in camera by TV crew and his fan ( Model : Kirti sannon)). The camera footage shows this just Gautam’s illusion. 🙂 🙂

Chase drama in goa happens ( totally waste and totally time wasting sequence,  and also expensive one). Finally they lands on seashore. Gautam/heroine goes on negotiating whether it is illusions or real one ( same with audience  ).

One more action sequence,  with cops entry.  Gautam captures his house break sequence.  With this he reachs one of the person (earlier cab driver). Cab driver explains the murder sequence (of his parents, which was happened during Gautam’s childhood) . Cabdriver hands over some item’s given by Gautham’s father at murder spot (during Gautam’s child hood )

With that Gautam moves to UK as his fan and his concerts coordinator calls him.

In UK, he undergoes through revenge accident. And finally he finds out his opponents when cop’s captures him.

He goes to bank with locker key and password, which was given by cab driver. He finds one glass article with rice sample in it. (This is unlike Robert Ludham’s movie bourne ultimatum. In that movie hero finds money and direction to his next revenghhe)

He identifies home through a kindergarten song, played during his school days.  He reachs his home and reachs their attic.  He flips through his school book and finds more details of his father’s name and other details.

Finally he finds about his parents job and unveils his father’s invention to entire world.

Final thoughts

  • The movie’s is so confusing and very lenghy
  • You have at see at least three to four times to understand the plot.
  • Mahesh carried entire movie. Only few actors are involved
  • This is mostly first of the chase kind in telugu movie with so intensive chase and drama.
  • After many successful movies for Mahesh this is a flop or hit only time will tell.
  • Dance, songs and unnecessary chases makes the movie lost the plot.
  • Sukumar , (director ) wasted so many sequences which don’t add any values to the story. He should have avoided songs and chase sequences, rather he should have spent more time on the story.
  • Highlight of movie is his plays Gautam’s childhood character.

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