How to get 3.2 billion USD for Thermostat firm? (Part2)

This is second series of articles on Intelligent /Technology driven Thermostat and home appliances. 

Smart devices connected on a social network for machines will help homes save energy.



In this article, would like to discuss software and hardware architecture of a basic Thermostat and introduction to intelligent thermostat. 

Simple Thermostat

Thermostat is simple device in terms of regular stand-alone one. Even mechanical stuff will serve the purpose.

Thermostats Services Chicago

A thermostat regulates the temperature of a system, room, or building, keeping it at a desired level. The different methods of measuring temperature in an electronic system include the use of a thermistor, thermocouples and in some cases, integrated circuits. To control the temperature, a digital thermostat is typically connected to a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. The thermostat provides voltage to the HVAC terminals, indicating what should be changed based on the current system temperature.

Here once set the temperate will controlled, irrespective of the time/day/people presence/no automation involved

The regular hardware architecture as follows (which is self explanatory).


Hardware Block Diagram

Intelligent Thermostat:

Machine learning built into thermostats lets them adapt to patterns in homes within a week of regular use. The more users adjust their Nest thermostats, the more precisely the devices learn preferred comfort levels in homes.

Some of the features from Nest and other thermostats:

  • Automatic control based on user’s availability
  • Interaction with other devices //home automation devices
  • Turn on and off devices
  • Intelligence learning, based on user settings
  • Device control from mobile applications from your smartphone
  • Cooperation with other smoke alarm
  • Wifi and Zigbee support
  • Smart grid interface
  • User alerts
  • Voice recognition and announcements
  • Many more

Technological advancements:

The main technological innovation or work remains as a game changer in home appliances.

This also one step towards a “Internet of things” . ( one step on the moon is great step to the mankind -Neil Armstrong )

Internet of things:

This is not only connected devices but also of appliances and all others.

More details in next blog. Keep watching………………….



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