19 billion dollars?

By now you might have guessed, if you are working in IT and following trends of acquisitions, one more mind-blowing acquisition 🙂

Yes correct

Facebook acquired 🙂 one more firm on earth

1. How much money, which firm?

2. What you do with this money?

3. How many employees?

4. Who are co-founders?

5. How do they build this App?

Before you even go there, let us see “who are co-founders?”, “Any VCs”?

Before we answer all this questions , few facts

1. Deal went thought at “North County Social Service”,  moutainview where co-founder Koum (aged 37) collected his “low income benefits” from US

2. Koum comes from low income family : father has no job, mother did worked as “helper” at house-holds. Koum swept grocery stores in California

3. His first engineer was from “rent-a-coder” website

4. Koum meet “napster”, co-founder during his college

5. Koum worked at yahoo

6. Koum applied for job earlier at “Facebook”, he was rejected

Now answers:

1. How much money, which firm

Ans: whats App, 19 billion

2. What you do with this money?

Ans: any guesses?

3. How many employees?

Ans: 50+

4. Who are co-founders?

Ans: Acton and Koum

5. How do they build this App?

Ans: 19 billion dollars question

No major firm did this magic of creating mind-blowing “simple app”. When some body does it looks so simple?. Why the hell no major “so called” biggies  Google, IBM, Intel, any firm came with this kind of application?. App was built with major person struggle, and truly shows one more success story from “low income ” person . This is story from USA, which has created major epic firms like IBM, Intel, Microsoft giants.

Dream from a lower middle class, who has created historical App, with many users, and this will be one more feather-cap for Facebook acquisition list.

They say for everything else  there is master-card, writing a blog when you can not sleep “is priceless:)”


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