Think differently….

  • What the hell?. Why should you be different , why should I?
  • What kind of thoughts you get, when are away from
    home-town/people in UN-ending life travels? (What you’re guessing is incorrect)
  • Have you ever wondered and wished to meet colleagues,you worked on various projects?
  • Have ever meet your first grade teacher?
  • Have you changed your routine of meeting in person,rather than calling on phone (even thought of meeting that guy or girl who sits in your next cubicle?)
  • Have ever tried help, someone in  need ?(not money part, which will you will
    never get back)
  • How many times you have shared your knowledge,
    for the person in need?

  • Have you ever declared “no Internet day? (WhatsApp,facebook, Linkedin, gmail  J)
  • Have you ever wondered, what happens, if there is no mobile and no one can disturb you?
  • For every thing else you have master card? (why does kid say , if you have don’t have money: give me credit/debit card?)
From “three idiots” Bollywood movie J (Thanks to Google, for
quick search)
  • Whatever the problem in life is… just say to yourself ‘Aal Izz Well’. This won’t solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it
  • Chase Excellence and success will follow
  • Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams
  • Give me some sunshine,Give me some rain,Give me another chance,I wanna grow up once again

Hope this helps to start your day 🙂


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