Effective team building

Many times all articles are centered on team member than, others.


Make or break on project depends on your team.

  • Team is key for any success of the project.
  • Irrespective of what role your and grade your in, you must take care of team. Team take care of you and Project.
  • In “one minute manger” manger manages the team and their aspirations.
  • An appreciation for the “job well done” will enhance the confidence of the person as well as team.
  • If the conversations are centered around team upliftment that help every one.
  • Based on my experience every “code-red project” or “war room” projects need experienced team to handle and pull that out the mess.
  • Every time need to set the team phase
  • If your in “project management” or what ever role you would need to set the direction.  Need you to align teams aspirations while you take care of the project.  Some time you have act as bridge between every one
  • Team rotation,  location change based on teams aspirations will help every on the project
  • Rather than micro-managing, letting things go 🙂 will shift the “top down” to collabrated approach
  • It is hard to fit people, in “fire fightings” jobs for ever
  • Small duartion meetings and collabartive meetings make a “Jack and Jill ” to produce perfection in the job, they do.
  • Creating a small roles/activities, in addittion to what they do will help. Some roles are “birth day co-ordination”, team benfit account, trainning co-ordination, fund collection for parties.  Every person should get a role.

Hope this helps


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