What’s in a role?

Why should we worry about role and responsibilities?

Picture this, when you bumnped a stranger with masters in business administration,  says abour he is crm ( Customer Relation Manager) in mutual fund firm ( non it background), role reflects following

  • Roles shoul have  common across different industry segments
  • Delivery manager position varies from department/firm/Technology
  • Many days back in bank,counter person  was senior most person, who was filling a administration person.  He was gladly doing branch manager role.
  • People confuse with roles and responsibilities
  • When friend of mine got a position as delivery mangaer, he was not happy.  He wanted a project manager role.
  • End 2 end delivery role is confusing (from which end 2 end)?. Some people see this as a vertical head . Sone people see this as a project manger role (without team)
  • You can find  and fill in, some roles if your capable,  it is in in your control
  • Some vertical heads do perform as micro managers ( doing a jobs of rookie engineers)
  • When people accept and perform roles, they  should be able to do  what job needs?
  • It takes mindset change for migrating frome one role to  other.
  • Some people with or without correct roles they perform well. Some people donot perform when the correct role is given (why so)?
  • Every one has their own ways of working, irrespective of role  and designation  Some people do micromanage, with this approach, that person should vacate his/her house and stay in office only.
  • If you are a vertical head (with to too much micromanaging), you will be ending-up in doing every team members role.  You have to allow people to perform their roles.
  • Exploring roles,  deligation of roles and grooming a team member ( to your role) will help to manage other areas,where you can focus.
  • Lord buddha and management guru Peter says, do top 20 percentage things, which will cover rest of things.

What I feel is, you can transition from one role to other.


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