Having a cake and eating it to

This is follow-on article on well admired article (Inspiration and committment)

Is there any one (knock, knock)?

  • Do not expect that somebody comes along and works for our progress. It is you, who has to act.”
  • When you are in some problem?
  • When you are not able to steer current work?
  • When you need directions (not really googlemaps/yahoo maps kind of help)?
  • When you are unable to sleep, due to issues at work or home front.

Inspirational South Indian song

Below song is from “south Indian language” telugu in movie “bhoomi kosam” ( for farming land ). Meaning is as below song).  (The video is modified by local south India political party)

This song is written by revolutionary writer “Sri Sri” (Sree Rangam Srinivasara Rao). This movie is based on local issues, revolutionary radical elements

Do not wait for someone, who is going to help, waiting for someone is deceiving you. Also do not sleep thinking that tasks will be completed by someone?

Who will help and protect you?

  • If you’re in hospital, where there are no medicines it will be fatal for patients
  • If there are “no teachers” in school, what will students learn
  • If there is “no pay” for teachers
  • If you are in hut or in slum and you are unable to for basic necessities? 
  • If women are stuck in old (pre-historic) traditions
  • If you throw your hard-earned money in lottery tickets
  • If you are stuck in bad habits, who is going to help?
  • If the farming is not yielding any results, if workers/farmers are not getting paid, who is going to help?  

Now the wait is over 🙂

Take things into your control, start doing following things

  • Just pick up the task, even if you are not confident of the doing same?. Somewhere you have to start. You can wait until whole research is done.
  • Use templates /data available on net or somewhere else
  • Speak to some friends and people in that particular task. Get advice from elders and superiors/well wishers
  • Most of them, can point to right direction (some will tell you problems and discourage you)
  • If your Indian/been to India, you are all alone
  • If you need to close the task in three months, start now
  • Don’t expect everything will be done “right at first time”
  • Talk to people, who are in that line, that will help
  • Talk to lazy person, he will advise you shortest path to reach

Does this help? Please share any motivational articles or life incidents.


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