Inspiration and commitment (Part 2)

”Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” –Peter F. Drucker

Motivational Quote - There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.

Like every blog/movie you will see part2, if part1 is hit 🙂

The Inspiration/ Need to work on

Inspiration is something you will learn from some one . This is something which motivates.  Some times you do certain activity based on a need for money.

Not all activities are connected with money or end goal. Some people have self motivation, self inspired for doing certain activities.

“Social workers” get motivated to do help others or society.

Political parties motivated to rule the people and want to get into a position in government.


You cannot make a real commitment unless you accept that it's a choice that you keep making again and again and again.

The beginning:

Before we start journey/ activity, there will be certain assumptions about
help from X, Guidance from Y, Funding from some others.

As we travel towards the goal, we find the people are not either your side or against. Everyone will
have their own wishes and fancies. You may get opposition on your way. This is
very normal in day by day journey.

Once we have committed on doing the particular stuff.

  •  This may be for good
    reason, job purpose for some other person.
  • We must carry forward, no matter
    what happens.
  • At any cost and efforts

In typical software industry, there will be deadlines, work pressures. Some
time, this may not be your area of work also.

We must, keep a target to complete. No matter, what impacts and troubles, we

Swami Vivekenada says:

Goal/Work :

There are various role/works, in any industry. 

  • We must choose activity, which will help us to grow.
  • Tasks or work you select should be, which you like most.
  • Even it is not a main stream job,like which is your primary source income. Work on the job as part time basis,  once your comfortable in that job , you should leave primary job.
For example
  1. Few friends started their own ventures,  while working in software industries.  After they have taken – off, they left and continued on their establishments.
  2. One person, was keen on banking financial/brokarage activities,  he is happily managing
  3. One person, who has enthusiasm on construction/real estate,  is happy in managing.
  4. Half of the bangalore software industry people invest/sell/buy, which bangalore as cheapest and safest bet in India (as pet my knowledge)
Hope you agree with me. Your comments and suggestions will inspire and motivate me 🙂

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