How to suppress innovation or anything?

How many times , we hear most discouraging statements?.

Sometime people, talk so much negative about the your deeds. People try to de-motivate, and try to pull you down.

It is better to walk away from the people, tell them to “get well soon”

By doing this they will degrade you

  • It doesn’t make things progress.
  • It doesn’t build any confidence
  • It makes people walk away from the stuff, they are doing
  • It does take people down the memory lane
  • It would take directional change (negative sense)

There are many instances,  you will see people doing. it doesn’t make people big. People walk away from them.

As leader or manger, it’s your duty to make looks better.  The goal of leadership is to lead and direct from front.

Is there any incidents, you want to share?


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