Fragile “Agile” blues

We have seen lot of articles on the Agile methodology.  Also one more on fragile Agile.

Requirements or user stories?

Unlike “water fall”, you don’t get full picture in user story. You need to specify the all the functional and non functional requirements.

For example, if your are constructing a lavish apartments,  you also need look at path to reach home other connected mechanism by means of transportation and wifi for internet and all.

In software world,  if you need any port enable required, security protocol required?. Do you need other functional stories associated with it. What kind of backup plans, if the other modules or de-scoped?

When the user stories are getting scoped, every one will rush to update stories like year beginning projections in corporate world.

Acceptance criteria:

What do we need in this particular release? .what we need to do. People really do-not care to check is it what it is required? . It is all happens just like that.  We definitely need sign off on the acceptance criteria before we start the development of the stories.

Code rollback:

It so happens, certain promised stories requirements can not be delivered? . What is strategy here? . Do you rollback or keep the code in dormant state.  Or revert the code for earlier versions? . All these rollback decision need to take few weeks before the release.  Otherwise code quality can go for toss.

Integration testing or system testing:

Before code handed over to Test team, need the components test results to verified and certified. We should also decide go/no-go this release ir later?

Regression testing:

After system testing, we also need regression pack. To see if other stories or causing problems.

User acceptance testing:

This is after test sign off.  User is stakeholders verify.

Agile  changes over time and place:

Like every language,  pronunciation changes as we travel 50 miles/kilometers distance.

Agile also changes from firm to firm. Also from project to project.  It all depends on the group /management/people.

Do you agree? . Please share your learning’s in a project.


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