Charlie bit my finger – again !

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain

It is not about Charlie (2007, you tube hit), it is about the software and the issues associated with in 🙂charlie-bit-my-finger-image 

Few sub headings ,I want to expand (code that works, not sure “if code ever worked”, Production code is not same as test/developer’s machine 🙂

Code that works 🙂

Boss, you struggled hard-to code, skipping family functions, base ball functions, whats-app, Facebook chats.
  •  Spend few minutes/hours to update the documentation as part of the code/design documents
  • Have you followed the process set by your firm. Read on “Google Process”, “Quora process
  • Did you inform your team lead to assign some one to peer-review?

“All code changes at Google require peer review prior to submission, but in Jeff and Sanjay’s case, often one will send a large code review to the other, and the Jeaf Dean,  will immediately ‘LGTM’ (Looks Good to me) it, because they wrote the change together in the first place

  • Have updated your “Handy dandy notebook”, with issues you see with code?
  • Have you updated “release log”, with changes, version of mobiles/Apps/Hardware/etc ?
  • Have informed your “unit test team” to perform the testing?
  • Have you checked in the code?
  • Have taken code of earlier version compared what went in?
  • Before code hits “production server”/ “Live”, have at-least done staged server’s?
  • Code, configurations every thing need go in “source control system”
  • Have you attended learned about software pros?
  • Is your code is close to top software architecture ?
  • Have read about Jeff Dean in software world , from Google giant?
  • What happens next, you will be doing “E2E testing?

Guess, this is enough for today. Any thoughts?


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