One step on moon..

In earlier article we have seen the software ground realities of software engineer’s profile.  That article is more on missing gaps.When software industry is moving in jet speed, but we lag in basics of the software engineering.

Watch your step

Entry level software engineer to be trained extensively on process and rules of the game. After few years of hard earned engineering degree (almost 20 plus years of study), it is essential to focus.

  • Does your code is properly developed?
  • Are you following proper architecture?
  • Is coding guidelines followed?
  • Are you able to put meaningful comments and  parameters?
  • Have you done enough checking, if the code covers the required and intended functionality?
  • Does anyone signed-off  your code, before you have done the checking in the source control system?
  • Do you have support of tester/co-developer, who certified this code works?

Staged severs and Staged testing

  • Initially development times writes the code. After that it is unit tested code is moved to test server.
  • In test sever, every module’s related code is checked in.
  • If there are five groups of development teams are working, everyone checks the code in
  • System test engineering team will verify if the code works after integration.
  • Initial sanity test will show-case quality of the  product. System or integration test team will decides to test further or not.
  • Once it is through, full functional or non functions testing is performed.
  • Once the testing is completed,  the code should moved to second test server.
  • Finally this will go in “live deployment” servers
Hope this gives clarity on the basics of software process.   Please feel free t comment

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