Whose Line It Anyway

Whose Line It Anyway, American sitcom popular comedy series by ABC television.There are great memories of the program.This is very hilarious program as such.

The show consists of a panel of four performers who create characters, scenes and songs on the spot, in the style of short-form improvisation games, many taken from theatresports

This articles talks about some thing, which closer to (my) heart.

At the end any project, who will get credit? . If you have seen this program, the total sitcom was great hit. All the actors contributed to the success of the program.

In typical software/or any kind of project, as we seen earlier articles also, good projects are hard to get.  It is the job project teams to make it good/bad. One bad element system takes away team culture out-of proportion.

Couple of key areas to concentrate 🙂

Hiring process to be strict 🙂

  • Even if it is internal/external hiring, you would need to take care of this activity very righteously
  • Interview panel should have one senior/One Human Resources person, Head of the dept, One co-worker, One sub-ordinate.  This is approach,   have gone through during my USA stay.  This is very clean, approach to validate the person, fits/gels with every one in the team.
  • The interview process should not carry on (for ever {} ), unlike in India. People never take any decisions. Interview goes on like anything.
    •  Example: VP is out-of country. HR is travelling, Sr Manager is sleeping

The job training is must

  • Culture and roles and responsibilities varies within the firm/group/project/client
  • Team to should adopt a new person and co-operate and co-ordinate
  • Kind of providing small project, looks equivalent to next project he is going to handle.
  • If the team is brand new, training every one would help

Company culture fitment

  • It is duty of the senior management to guide and handhold, as soon as new person is hired . Presentation of Organization chart, Roles and Responsibilities is essential.

Team rotation is key

  • Every should able to perform jobs other , this help teams sustain, due few people’s release from the projects
  • Keeping two people on overlapping roles help , reducing the team dependency due ill health of other team member

Collective Team Attitude

  • The team should be able work on synch, like  well co-ordinate orchestra in “music” album
  • Respect to co-worker,even if he/she rookie/intern will help in creating positive energy in the system/team

Kate Matsudaira’s inspirational speech

Kate is “decide.com” online store co-founder’s words on the team. Enjoy the speech, really inspirational.


Dose this ring any bells?. Please comment and suggest.

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