Getting Bangalored :)

There is no need to describe the title of the blog, no offence to any one. You can see tonnes of articles on the same 🙂

In short, getting your jobs out-sourced to silicon-valley of India (Bangalore). 

Getting Santa out-sourced

Leaving that aside on Bangalored, Bangalore is in fact a mesmerizing city for most of people..

Why so?

Why so?

  • South India’s attractive job destination, where you get salary approximately 2.5 times of the current experience
  • Every family has at-least one relative living in Bangalore
  • Most fast moving city in terms of jobs/BPO’s/IT/Culture
  • Bangalore is IT hub capitol

  • There is constant rise of land and apartments costs (across Bangalore (North, East, South, West))
  • Bangalore is culturaly same as USA. It resemebels same culture habits, pubs, start-ups, birth day parties, high profile people moving to Bangalore.
  • Historically ITPL is first softwarepark, in Bangalore :)??


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