Financial Planning. .

I guess, it is different kind of blogging artice. People put lot of efforts on investments.  But half them are without planning.It is time to think on proper investments.  Spend one hour for week on analysis of what is in store 🙂

Why do you need to plan?

  • It matters to keep structured investment
  • It matters to distribute your risk
  • It helps you stay focused on work at hand
  • Constant rotation ot keeping tab on the various investment
  • It helps to get money towards casualties or unexpected life events.
Do you need financial planner?
  • Financial planner is like “family doctor”
  • He will analize and suggest,  the way forward
  • This is best way to keep finances in one personal control in terms of solution
  • Diversification of portfolio is suggested
  • Risk mitigation is planned
  • How to park money different avenues?
Time is money.   My efforts of this blogging should help you.
Any more thoughts? . What articles should I write next?

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