DNA of 21st century firm

There is ongoing debate to on how do you run or make a high flyer firm.Fatst forward:

Gone are days of kodak they were first photo compnay, could not quickly move to digital world. It got collapsed in to thin air.

Innovations, acquisition, agility to fast track will help firms to go towards next century.

Gone are days of commond control,  water fall models of working.

“Qulaity Assurance” to be replaced with Improved and iterative quality (is the way forward).

Employee should be replaced with Associate Employee (along with partnership model) makes difference in the work culture and ethics of the firm.

Vision  should be replaced with ” what is the end goal“, how do you achieve them. Here instead of taking about revenue model, aim for “global strategy” of connecting all homes or database collection of entire universe or something.  Also work towards like Google, Amazon and all.

Constant innovative approach”  should eliminate “procedural approach” will lead to the 22nd century.

“Massive platform” should be replaced with “cloud based approach” will help.

“Build to last” should replace with “build to evolve” will take you into the future.

Inspiration:  Miha Ahronovitz


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