Statement of work or purpose

This is something like coffee, tea or me.   Keeping that aside of meaning of this statement, let us analyze(what to analyze?)

  • “is plant first or seed”?
  • “hen/chicken or egg first”?
Too much confusion, on above?
  • Only Darwin can help or someone can help on this conversation?
Coming to our main topic, after everyone walked away from this article (finally)
  • Statement-of-work is a one thing, what we do. For example construction of 3 bhk home. It does not say, what is the value-add?. How does end customers benefit?.  Did you find some statement like, home in the park or two minutes driving distance from financial town.
  • In the software terms , it does not say value add. Additions of componemts and module’s it will talks about.

Statement of purpose example:

  •  To deliver “xyz” feature or elimination of the manual entry.
  • To reduce downtime
  • To increase sales by ten folds
Any more thoughts on this?

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