Googler or Newbie

Many times, when ever you start a task, Initially task seems too big or very difficult task to achieve.

During this, if you a mentor or supporters you task assumed to be finished.

If you want to buy or sell something (property or house or any items, which you would need agents the task becomes tough:(

Recently when I did some activity as above you need to go through hundred agents,  and every one quotes something different.  It is became very tough if that activity takes longer time. People loose confidence (including you). Every buyer and sellers perspective differ.  Some one say there is problem with a moon. If the house is on highway, they say it is noisy. When the property is far, it is issue for them to commute.  May god bless 😦

Coming to actual topic of googler or newbie,  you need to have careful planning.

At the end of day when task is complete, it will be great accomplishment 🙂

It so happens,  every time you do something different, people say ask you have not done this earlier?

  • Like you are venturing into new technology start-up, which you have not done earlier?
  • If task requires an aggressive person, it doesn’t mean a cool headed person can not handle.  When things go wrong, you need person who can solve problems but not shout and scream :).
  • It takes lot of time convince people if they have already decided:).



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