Process to product

This blog is helping me keep thoughts on agile and others.

If you are regular reader, you would’ve known where I am coming from:(

Small step on is great step for man kind.  Like baby’s first step, crawl and later walking fast. In the same analogy you would need to start somewhere.

Every task or lifting and moving mountain is gigantic task. We have learned,  we start somewhere and corrections. On the pathway. You might have noticed great building’s  *Rome* are not build in a day.

If you need to get thing’s faster assign it to laziest person, he would know how to get this task faster:)

Coming to our topic, we do small waterfall models. Keeping a customer or customers representative on board.

Like in building construction,  there are phases you see work progress.

Move away from too many Brainstorming  session’s.  Meeting for cons meeting’s is wasted time and efforts.  Start incremental product builds. Every release or delivery would show a simple feature which customer can see.

Venture capitalist (vc) or product owner do’ not want to wait for toooooooooo many months for the product.  No one wants to listen to all world’s problems any is having?

Everyone wants to see light sooner or later. Does this make sense?


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