“Go live” in IT

Go-live or release is something, which is workable solution/product customer can use it.
How to do we come here?
  • A greater team work and great collaboration
  • Great planning by the team and as well “Senior management”
  • Senior Management and team co-ordination is very important. Sr Management steers the direction of team and projects
  • CCB (Change Control Board:)) which blocks “Out-scope requirements” in the release. Project management needs to monitor and acts as a gateway to customer and Team.
  • Effective Test team /Quality team 
  • Eliminating waste
    • Politics , Bias towards certain people in the team
    • Keeping problems and problem elements away
  • Incremental deliveries
  • Customer buy-in at every stage 
  • Approval and required sign-off at various points (mile stones)
  • Adhering to all the polices by client or organization, where they work from 



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